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Venture and Delaney Run Packs

CamelBak's Venture and Delaney include the Podium Chill bottles with Jet Valve technology. Perfect for the runner or walker who prefers waist-mounted hydration systems.

Kevin: Hi. This is Kevin and Seth with CamelBak, and we're going to talk to
you about two of our bottle-based running packs.

Seth: This is the Delaney. It's a nice waist mounted system that uses a
bottle instead of a reservoir so if you only need 21 ounces of water and a
little bit of cargo to hold your wallet and your phone, it's a nice small
light-weight pack for running. Kevin:

And this is the Venture. It carries two Podium Chills for a total of 42
ounces of water. A nice cargo area here for a nice extended walk or run and
you've got some bungees here that you can attach a shed layer to. The
Podium Chill will keep your water cold twice as long as a regular bottle.

Seth: And it also has the jet valve so it's always open and always shut.
No matter how long you're out, there's a pack that's going to suit your
need in our waist mounted bottle based system. Both of them are going to
carry a little bit of a different cargo capacity so make sure you check the
specs and pick which one's right for you.

Both of these products are covered under the "Got Your Bak" lifetime
guarantee. If we built it, we'll back it.

Kevin: So again, that's the Venture and the Delaney from CamelBak.