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Volt 13 LR, Charge 10 LR, Spark 10 LR

CamelBak's new mountain bike ultra-light hydration packs.

Seth: Hey, Seth here with CamelBak. We're here with the infamous Mark Weir.
I'm glad he's not wearing Spandex today, but we're talking about our lumbar
mountain bike series. So now, the Volt, the Charge and the Spark. We have a
complete ultra light lumbar mountain bike series from CamelBak, and I'll
let Weir run through the details.

Mark: This one has a three liter reservoir, keeps it nice and low which is
nice to keep the water down low on your hips when you're riding through the
trees and stuff, or tight situations, the pack won't migrate up on your
back. It carries a ton of stuff. I mean, we carry a lot of stuff on Enduro
riding, a long day, six hours, you can carry your helmet on the back, a
bunch of gear, extra derailleurs and parts. It's a great pack for an all
-day Enduro ride.

Seth: The only way to carry your water.

Now, if you're going a little bit lighter weight, the Charge and the
Spark, which is a women's design version. These are both two liter packs so a
little less water, little less power if you're not going out as long. They
all come equipped with a helmet hook. So, you can run a chin strap of any
type of helmet through it. If you don't have it on your head, you might as
well have it on your back instead of hanging it around your handle bars.

Yeah. Weir does a lot of testing. He also does a lot of crashing. So,
we make sure that he's also covered under the "Got Your Bak" lifetime
guarantee. If we built it, we'll back it, even if he's riding it. And that's
the Charge, Volt and Spark, part of the lumbar mountain bike series from