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eddy Bottles

CamelBak launches the newest innovation in bite and sip water bottles.

Azul: Azul here with CamelBak. We're really excited to tell you about our
new bottle collection, the Eddy Collection. It's made for active and on the
go individuals who need a bottle to suit their everyday hydration needs.

Catherine: My name is Catherine and I work for CamelBak. I do everything
from Crossfit to riding my bike to walking downtown to shop and nutrition
and hydration is just as important to me as my exercise and staying fit.
When I leave the house in the morning I don't leave without my keys, my
wallet, or my CamelBak. So, you know, if I feel naked without it, I would
say it's pretty important to me.

Azul: And eddy is applicable to our customers out there because in their
active and on the go lives they need that moment to stop, collect
themselves, and hydrate.

Catherine: Well, it's easy to use. It's convenient. I can cruise around and
without thinking just grab it and drink without having to fumble with the
lid or, you know, worry about sloshing water everywhere. It makes it so I
don't have to think about it.

Azul: It's important for people to have products that they know they can
depend on, because it helps enable them to move away from plastic
disposable water bottles.

Catherine: Living in the Bay area and having access to local vendors for
everything from clothing to vegetables to fruit, olive oil, it's very
important and has been a part of my life since I was a child. The fact that
I can avoid using plastic water bottles, it definitely helps me to do my

Azul: We also understand that you've got a family that needs to hydrate so
we've got kids bottles, large bottles, small bottles. We've got insulated
bottles, that's going to keep your water cold. We want you to have a
product that you can depend on to stay hydrated through the day.

Catherine: It's important to me to have a selection and a variety when I'm
choosing my bottles. I have everything from a bright pink to a stainless
steel to graphics and everything in between. I'm not the type that has the
one bottle that I carry around all the time that's banged up and scuffed.
I've got to have, you know, a bottle for every day.
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