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eddy Cleaning Tips

CamelBak launches the newest innovation in bite and sip water bottles. Watch for tips on how to properly clean your bottle.

Beth: Beth and Catherine here from CamelBak to talk about our eddy
collection and give you some tips on how to use it. Catherine: The top of every eddy bottle features our bite valve. The
bottle is also designed so that you don't have to tip it back when you
drink. When you finish, you just click it down and you don't need to worry
about it spilling because it's spill-proof.

Beth: As you can see, our Eddy collection comes in a variety of colors and
sizes. We have all the way from one liter down to this cute little kid's

Catherine: All of our eddy bottles come in a variety of materials, from
insulated and BPA free plastic to stainless steel, even glass.

Beth: To wash the eddy bottle, you can just unscrew the cap, remove the
straw and the bite valve, and wash them with warm, soapy water. If you have
a dishwasher, you can put the bottle and the cap in the top rack and the
straw and the bite valve in the utensil area. Catherine: All of our products are covered by our "Got Your Bak" lifetime
guarantee. If we built it, we'll back it.

Beth: That's the Eddy collection from CamelBak.
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