a better on-the-go
coffee & tea experience

Now you can experience your on-the-go beverages, reinvented for heat. An innovative travel mug to keep your morning fuel hot at home, at work, or working against mother nature’s terrain.

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Leak Proof

Say goodbye to spills. For good. Self-sealing cap eliminates leaks with intuitive one-handed drink lever.

Easy Cleaning

No grime about it. Cap arms are designed to flip up for ease of cleaning, in the sink or dishwasher.

Lock-open Button

You choose when to sip. Features a lock-open button with leak-proof closure for frequent sipping.

Aroma Bowl

Test the waters. Superior drink interface allows you to sense beverage temperature and enhance aroma.

Double-wall Vacuum Insulation

Double-wall Vacuum Insulation

6 hours is the magic number. Forge® is ultra insulated to keep your drink hotter, longer.

Impact-Resistant Cap

Breaks build character, but not on your mug. The Impact-Resistant Cap is designed to minimize breaks if dropped.

Forge Bottle by Camelbak

Ditch Disposable Coffee Cups

The average American throws out 250 disposable coffee cups per year. Forge comes in two sizes and keeps your drink hot for hours — and every refill keeps waste out of landfills. No more runs to the convenience store. No more paper or Styrofoam cups.


Your new morning companion, the CamelBak® Forge®, is available for purchase in two different styles and a variety of color options. Select your size and color options below and forever reinvent the way that you enjoy hot beverages.

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