Clif Pro Team
Clif Pro Team
Mountain Biking & Cyclo-Cross
Most epic CamelBak Moment:

Katerina Nash: Getting lost with my dogs, yet having enough water for them. Sofia Gomez-Villafane: Photoshoot in Palm Springs! Russell Finsterwald: Bike packing the Colorado Trail! Catharine Pendrel: I kinda feel like most times I put on a CamelBak things get a little epic. It means I'm planning a big day. *Remembering Ben Sonntag: Each year end of season 'all you can eat' MTB ride, sunset to sunset.

Strangest or most fun part of your pre-race ritual:

Katerina Nash: I drink a lot of fluids. Not only because isn't good for me but I also want to be well hydrated in case of drug testing. I hate to spend too much time at drug testing after the race. Sofia Gomez-Villafane: My music playlist! Russell Finsterwald: Eating pancakes! Catharine Pendrel: Me and my teammate share all of our process and outcome goals for our race the night before. I love hearing their goals and it gets me more excited for race day! *Remembering Ben Sonntag: Hotel room pancakes on our own brought griddle & lots of coffee from 'Cafe Waldeski'.

Personal and Professional Goals for 2020:

Katerina Nash: To continue to be a good person and to ride my bike with fun people. To always remember to bring my reusable CamelBak bottle when I need it. Sofia Gomez-Villafane: Professional: Olympic qualification, repeat national championship. Personal: Go on an epic off the grid vacation. Russell Finsterwald: Win Epic Rides Series overall, Tokyo 2020, more adventures! Catharine Pendrel: 4th Olympics and strong Performance (Canada), world cup and Epic Ride Podiums. *Remembering Ben Sonntag: Win Epic Rides series overall.