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Welcome to the CamelBak Design Studio. 

Here you'll find an overview of the CamelBak Custom Print and Laser Etching design processes. Along the way, you'll learn helpful tips on how to make the perfect print! Through the course of this guide, we make references to 3rd party websites that may help you resolve an issue with your print. We are not responsible for any damage that may result from using 3rd party sites and make no warranties for the services they provide. Always save a copy of your original file and do not download plugins or software without vetting them first!
the Basics

Design Studio Overview

We've constructed our design studio to offer users a quick, intuitive interface that allows rapid layout and customization of a water bottle on any device. When you begin customizing your bottle, you'll see the page is broken down into four primary elements. Click through the numbers on the right to learn the purpose and functionality of each element.
Design Studio Overview
Navigation Tabs
Click thru these tabs to discover the primary ways to customize your bottle. You can select bottle colors, add an image and text.
Work Tray
Modifications to your design will be made here. The functionality of this area changes depending on which tab is currently selected.
Selections made in the work area will be reflected here. You can scale images and text in this area by clicking and dragging as well as select from Front, Back and Full Wrap templates.
Order Controls
Here you'll find a summary of your progress, your current order details as well as options to download and share your current design before you purchase.

Work area

To simplify the design process and help deliver a proper graphic layout, we've added several features and tools that are helpful to experiment with. First, notice the template options: FRONT, BACK and WRAP (digital print only). Front and Back template options are great for placing a logo or image nice and centered to the cap and CamelBak logo. Wrap is ideal for graphics that need to cover larger areas of the bottle.

To scale an image or text, simply click and hold one of the corners. Moving inward will shrink the page element, moving outward will increase the size. Click and hold the rotation icon above images or text to spin the element. If you exceed the Grey Zone marked "PRINT AREA", the bounding box will turn red. This is an indicator that one of your page elements will cut off when printed. 

Custom Work Area
Digital Print Tips

Tips for Digital Printing

The key to a great digital print is uploading a good quality image to begin with. Choose files with high resolution (300 DPI) and images that are clear and crisp, without fuzzy pixels or excessively jagged lines. Every imperfection in your image will be visible on the print. It is also best to avoid extremely dark images. Lighter images will generally print better.

Users often want to delete the white background from their image. If you don't have a design program, like Photoshop, there are many free tools online, such as PhotoScissors*, that will help isolate the subject in your image from the background. Save your files as a transparent .PNG or .SVG to preserve the transparent background you create.

Tips for Laser Etching

When selecting a stainless steel bottle, you have the option to laser etch the vessel. In this process, the powder coating is burned away revealing the clean look of stainless steel. For this to work, your image must have transparency. If you upload a solid .JPG file, you will simply see a large rectangle on the bottle. That's an indicator that the laser will be unable to distinguish between the background and foreground elements of your image. If you proceed to checkout, what you see is what you'll get. By contrast, using an .SVG file type for vector based logos and line graphics will give you the best possible look.

Many Business Customers will have logo files in .EPS, .AI or .PDF format. Converting to .SVG is straightforward and there are many free online tools, such as cloudconvert, that will do this for you.

Laser Etch Examples
Warning! BE SURE YOU OWN THE RIGHTS TO ANY IMAGE YOU ATTEMPT TO PRINT. ALL SUSPICIOUS ORDERS WILL BE CANCELLED, including logos of professional sports teams, licensed characters, and certain registered trademarks. Read our: Purchasing Terms

Customer Designs

Get inspired by other CamelBak fans!