Perspectives // India

Everyone views the world differently.

Truth & Tradition // Cultural Contrasts in India's Himalaya

Destined for India’s Himalaya, finding good mountain biking was secondary on Micayla Gatto’s list of priorities. The number one goal was to experience a vastly different culture and witness the contrast in ways of life. Between the chaotic streets, cow pee purification and high-alpine trekking paths, success was found—and experienced—in all realms.

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Perspectives // India — Presented by Camelbak

Micayla GATTO


“With every pedal stroke that took us further into the mountains, the connection, presence and apparent happiness of the people we met, grew. The biggest lesson I learned from my trip in India was that solid relationships are the single most important thing in life. Location, money, possessions, job titles, Instagram likes, you name it. When we strip away all the distractions, we allow ourselves to stop looking, and start living.”

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