Rampage showcases the biggest drops down improbable line in the harsh, remote landscape of Southern Utah. For the fourth year running, CamelBak is on-hand to help bring the event to life.


Using only rudimentary hand tools, 20 athletes and their support crew toil in the red dust and clay of the Southern Utah hills for ten days prior to the event. It is a grueling, strenuous process. Each team is allocated two diggers for a total of three people carving out the rider’s line for competition day.
To win, riders must first create the biggest, baddest, most technical line they can... from scratch. Then, it's matter of sending it in style.

Ditch Disposable

Keeping athletes, crews, and spectators hydrated requires a lot of water. Throughout the course of the ten-day dig, CamelBak water stations, hydration packs, and bottles save 16,000 single-use water bottles from landfills and waste streams. It’s all a part of our goal to change the way people hydrate and eliminate disposable plastic bottles.

Rampage: We Got Your Bak

CamelBak is here to do what we do best - water. We supply the digging crews, athletes, media and spectators with fresh water throughout the event and the two week desert build up. In this harsh environment of heat, toil and dust, hydration plays a critical role. And more – to land the size jumps these riders will conquer, the landing pad must be well watered for not just performance...but for safety.
Maintaining water supply lines in such a remote location proves to be a logistical challenge that few companies are prepared to handle. Our crew is out there from dawn till dusk keeping the stoke high and the thirst quenched.
Here is just a sneak peek behind the scenes of what it takes to bring Rampage to life.
….Trust us when we tell you, it's even steeper and crazier than you think. Enjoy this year's main event!
Tools of the Trade
The CamelBak products that help bring it all together.
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