Clif Pro Team photo on grass hill with city in background.

Stans X Pivot Pro Team

About Stans X Pivot Pro Team

Favorite Color
Chloe Woodruff: Blue
Keegan Swenson: Camo
Rose Grant: Tiffany Blue or Teal

Favorite Food
Chloe Woodruff: Burritos & chocolate (but not together)
Keegan Swenson: Pancakes and/or any breakfast
Rose Grant: Chocolate

Favorite Vacation Spot
Chloe Woodruff: Grand Canyon
Keegan Swenson: Camping in the mountains.
Rose Grant: Anywhere with sunshine, mountains and water.

Favorite Hype Song
Chloe Woodruff: Boom Boom Pow - Black Eyed Peas
Keegan Swenson: Anthem, Pt 2. - Blink 182
Rose Grant: I Will Be Confident - Steven Furtick

Favorite Movie
Chloe Woodruff: The Princess Bride
Keegan Swenson: Pulp Fiction
Rose Grant: Cinderella

What's the most epic CamelBak moment you've ever had with our products or brand?
Chloe Woodruff: I wouldn't have made it through Stage 2 of the Israel Epic without my Chase Vest. It was so hot and humid that day, and the terrain punishing.
Keegan Swenson: My most epic CamelBak moment was probably scrambling to grab Chase Vests out of the Epic Israel feed zones with Russell Finsterwald. We raced that event as a team in 2019 and it was one of the hardest events of my career, every feed zone was absolute chaos with 20+ riders trying to find their stuff and refill their packs and bottles!
Rose Grant: I especially love the Chase Bike vest for longer races where drinking from a bottle could be challenging. The Chase bike vest ensures that I stay hydrated most efficiently, and its low profile design keeps me cool and comfortable.

What's the strangest or most fun part of your pre-race ritual?
Chloe Woodruff: Starting my playlist a song before hopping on my bike to begin my warm-up. I switch up the song, but pick something lively and upbeat.
Keegan Swenson: I'm not sure I do anything super strange before racing... I'd say the most fun thing is picking out my pre-race music playlist and eating my pre-race pancakes!
Rose Grant: I can't think of a strange or fun part about it. The nerves come alive which always brings interesting responses.

What are your personal and professional goals for 2020?
Chloe Woodruff: Tokyo Olympic Team & National Championship Titles.
Keegan Swenson: The big goal for me this season is to finish top 8 at Nove Mesto World Cup, and auto qualify for the Tokyo 2020 games.
Rose Grant: Continue to learn and grow to be the best version of myself each day. Continue to embrace motherhood and intentionally keep a healthy perspective in balancing my roles in life.