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Team Garmin Adventure

About Team Garmin Adventure

Favorite Color
Sébastien Camus: Green
Vignot: Green
René Rovera: White and blue
Julien Jorro: Black
Sylvain Camus: Blue

Favorite Food
Sébastien Camus: Pasta
Vignot: Sweet Potatoes
Julien Jorro: Pizza
Sylvain Camus: Lasagna

Favorite Vacation Spot
Sébastien Camus: New Caledonia
René Rovera: Hawaii Big Island
Julien Jorro: Colorado!
Sylvain Camus: Cape Town, South Africa

Favorite Hype Song
Sébastien Camus: Sigur Rós
Julien Jorro: Let it go! Let it go (Frozen)
Sylvain Camus: Thriller - Michael Jackson

Favorite Movie
Sébastien Camus: Star Wars
Vignot: Pinky Blinders
René Rovera: Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain
Julien Jorro: Frozen
Sylvain Camus: Ligne Verte

What's the most epic CamelBak moment you've ever had with our products or brand?
Sébastien Camus: My first product development meeting at CamelBak's HQ in Petaluma in 2015.
Vignot: Skyrace Dolomite
René Rovera: My victory over the Madeira Ultra last year.
Julien Jorro: To see my five year old daughter drink from a CamelBak bottle just after her first baby race at UTMB.

What's the strangest or most fun part of your pre-race ritual?
Sébastien Camus: Check all my mandatory equipment.
Julien Jorro: I play guitar.

What are your personal and professional goals for 2020?
Sébastien Camus: Top 10 at UTMB, rebuild my new house, have a dog, and find new ideas for my "Recycling" project, an environmental concept.
Vignot: To be better than last year and have fun with each race!
René Rovera: Enter the Top 10 at UTMB and ensure that the athletes I coach succeed in their goals.
Julien Jorro: Have fun! Be happy in my life and in my sport and eating a lot of kilometers!
Sylvain Camus: Have fun and enjoy time with my family.