Row of different colored Reign sports bottles on bench.

Reign™: The Team Sport Bottle Reinvented

Our new Reign™ bottle combines hydration with a cooling shower mode
for better performance and safer play.
Reign 32 oz Sport Bottle, Lime Green Volt Blue.
Reign™ 32 oz Sport Bottle
Sport & Bike
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Reign Chill 32 oz Sport Bottle, Insulated, Black front.
Reign™ Chill 32 oz Sport Bottle, Insulated
Sport & Bike
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Reign 8 Bottle Carrier, light grey carrier with bottles.
Reign™ 8-Bottle Carrier
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Male athlete sprays water on face, using Reign Sports Bottle shower mode.

The Making of Reign™


CamelBak is proud to partner with the Korey Stringer Institute in advocating for optimal athletic hydration and safety.

“External cooling can be vital and effective in optimizing performance and maintaining safety during exercise in the heat. Utilizing cold water for body cooling before exercise, during breaks, and following exercise can help to decrease skin temperature which aids in lowering internal body temperature.”
— Korey Stringer Institute

Triple Threat

Reign's tri-mode sport cap features our Jet Valve™ to deliver more water with a targeted high flow stream, a cooling 8-point shower mode to avoid overheating, and a leak-proof lock-out mode for clean transport. The universal cap is also compatible with Podium® and Peak™ Fitness bottles.


The Reign™ Bottle Carrier holds up to 8 Reign sport bottles, features center channel cap storage, and drainage holes to dry and store equipment between uses. The ergonomic handle makes full bottle transport easy and side plate is customizable with your team sticker.