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#22Pushup Challenge

CamelBak Employees Support Veteran Services

By the Numbers

In 2012, the Department of Veteran Affairs released a study that put the number of veteran suicides per day at 22. The number was alarming and helped to shed light on many of the struggles veterans face. A comprehensive 2014 VA report concluded that the number of daily suicides was actually at 20. No less alarming, but by then the 22 number stuck as a rally cry for those determined to do something about it.

At CamelBak, we believe our thanks and obligations to American troops extend beyond the equipment we make. #GotYourBak is also about people, community and the strong relationships we forge. For many veterans, access to support programs and services can be limited. CamelBak wants to help deliver more of these vital services to veterans.

So on Veterans Day 2016, CamelBak challenged its employees get out and do #22Pushups to help raise awareness of this suicide epidemic. We donated $200 to the 22KILL organization for every CamelBak employee who participated in the challenge from November 11-18. The event was a success resulting in a $22,000 total donation (we rounded up). After five days, CamelBak employees tracked 6,730 pushups, and helped spread awareness of the situation through social media and reached just over 400,000 people. #GotYourBak.

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