Dante Young.
Dante Young
Professional Road Cyclist

Dante Young has always been on wheels. Growing up in the San Fernando Valley, he spent much of his childhood on a skateboard, inspired by pros like Stevie Williams and Nyjah Houston. Eventually, he traded the skateboard’s four wheels for the two on a vintage road bike, and never looked back.


Young enjoys the competitive nature of cycling and has an unquenchable thirst to win. But more importantly, he finds joy, serenity, and inspiration in the sport.


While the inner peace he finds on two wheels keeps him grounded, Young finds the effort involved to be a constant source of motivation. He’s had to earn every inch of success—both in cycling and life—and spreading the message that hard work pays off inspires him to dig deeper every day to improve.


Young says showing others that “if I can do it, so can you” is a big part of why he rides. “You just need to be willing and open,” he said in an interview for Outride. “I also ride because there is mad traffic in LA and no parking…”


Starting out on a cheap bike in a sport where equipment costs can be astronomical, Young forged a path built on energy and perseverance. His early years in the sport turned heads, connecting him with mentors who would help polish his raw talent and desire. Through relationships with fellow riders, Young learned the tricks and secrets of competitive cycling.


His determination to succeed has paid off. Young has won at both the Tulsa Tough and Chuck Pontius Memorial Crit competitions and amassed several podium finishes at other high-profile races.


When he’s not on the bike, Young strives to be an ambassador for the sport. He wants to open doors for more people with his background to participate in cycling and break down the cost barriers that prevent so many kids from competing.


We’re thrilled to work with Dante as a CamelBak athlete. His success as a cyclist is impressive, but his passion for spreading the sport and inspiring others is what makes him a force to be reckoned with.

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