Iago Garay.
Iago Garay
Professional Enduro Racer

Iago Garay brings style and substance to the worlds of MTB and EWS racing. Known for high-flying, awe-inspiring, and decidedly photogenic jumps, he takes on daredevil maneuvers at insane speeds. Somehow, he manages to do it with both skill and panache.


His ability comes from years of experience and intense practice. He’s been on the EWS circuit since 2013 and has often raced (and placed) in the Megavalanche. Besides having a cool name, Megavalanche Alpe d'Huez is one of the longest and most challenging Enduro mass start races in the world.


It was love at first bike for this athlete. His first race was an international Maxxis Cup at just 11 years old. In his youth, Garay used to go cross country riding with his dad but claims he wasn’t really into it—riding fast was always more his thing.


Originally from Madrid, Spain, Garay’s travels (for races and for fun) have taken him to every continent. A true global citizen, he is fluent in several languages. Before taking on the world on his bike, Garay studied sport science in Leon and made the rounds in Madrid's massive bike scene.


As a pro rider, he got his start in downhill racing, and experimented with enduro just as the style was developing. As the enduro scene grew and Garay had success in his first EWS and World Cup races, he began focusing all of his energy there. It takes guts, skill, and determination to excel in such a grueling format, and this guy’s got them all.


During the pandemic, Garay started the Not Far From Home series on his YouTube channel, which highlights trails in his home country of Spain (and nearby Portugal).


Garay is a multi-year CamelBak Athlete as well as a longtime partner of Santa Cruz Bicycles. In fact, he’s the bike brand’s longest standing EWS racer. Iago’s extensive experience in the insane world of DH and enduro racing makes him an ideal fit for us. He continues to keep us on our toes as we follow his career and high-flying exploits.

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