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Lapierre Zipp Collective
Enduro Racing
Most epic CamelBak Moment:

Cédric Carrez: Maybe my first XC race in 1991 with the first CamelBak model. That I already have with me! Courdurier Isabeau: It just basically saved my day on so many races! Most epic CamelBak moment is when I can have my snickers on top of the last stage of the day of an EWS. Simply because I always have extra room in my bag for snacks. And snacks that makes you a happy rider, makes you a faster rider!

Strangest or most fun part of your pre-race ritual:

Courdurier Isabeau: I have a lot... one I can tell is what I always wear two necklaces and I have a coin in my pocket that is from New Zealand. It is tattooed on my left arm. I also always listen to music the mornings of the races. Chloe Gallean: I do a lot of checklist!! I'm able to forget a lot of things for the race like goggle, glove, and even timing chips.

Personal and Professional Goals:

Courdurier Isabeau: Personal goals: reduce my footprint. Be happier and healthier both physically and mentally. Professional goals: be at the maximum of my capacities as an athlete, develop some women skills days, spend more time on social media to develop a quality feed, work on a charity project with a French association. Chloe Gallean: First year for me as a professional athlete!! I just want to train hard and doing my best in the race. I work in a cycling school, I love spending time with these children and I want to make them progress even more. I also created Girls N 'Bikes, these are riding sessions only for girls, between races I will try to organize clinics.

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