Amity Rockwell.
Amity Rockwell
Professional Gravel Racer

Amity Rockwell is a professional gravel racer and endurance athlete. Rockwell was relatively unknown when she snagged a first-place finish in the 2019 UNBOUND Gravel competition. She had done well in other races like the Belgian Waffle Ride, Huffmaster Hopper and Crusher in the Tushar. But Rockwell’s podium-topping performance in the grueling, 200-mile odyssey of UNBOUND propelled her to instant fame in the gravel racing scene.


After a lost year of racing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she took second place at UNBOUND in 2021.


A long-time endurance enthusiast, Rockwell has dabbled in triathlons, cross-country running, trail running, and ultra-running. She was also a member of UCI Women's road racing Team Illuminate between 2017 and 2019. But a combination of injuries and burnout led her to gravel racing, the relatively new hybrid of road and MTB.


Rockwell says endurance riding is as much a mental battle as a physical one. And what makes gravel racing so awesome is that the journey is as important as the finish line. It’s about the experience, the grind, and the stories you come away with. She also loves the open and accepting culture of gravel racing, which has fewer unspoken rules and plenty of camaraderie.


No one’s sure what the future holds, but there’s no doubt this ambitious athlete will continue to push her limits. We’ve already seen her dip into mountain biking with a stint at Leadville this year (the 100-mile marathon mountain bike race). And as of this writing, she’s sitting 27th overall in the new Lifetime Grand Prix series.


Rockwell is a strong advocate for women in racing and while celebrating progress made, she wants to see support keep growing. Rockwell has used her platform to amplify and advocate for others, sharing advice and perspectives on all forms of cycling.


Conditioned by the hills of her native NorCal, Rockwell also loves riding in Colorado and Utahas much for the views as for the never-ending trails they offer. Off the bike, she enjoys a good trail run, rock climbing, baking bread, and coffee. 

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