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CamelHaks for Smarter Outdoor Adventuring

Join CamelBak athlete Eric Porter for powerful pro tips and life hacks for using our hydration packs, reservoirs and more in your outdoor adventures.
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CamelHaks for Filling & Sealing the Crux® Reservoir

CamelBak athlete Eric Porter demonstrates how to fill the Crux hydration reservoir and the simple method he uses to close and create a lasting seal that keeps your hydration bladder from leaking. 

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CamelHaks for Winterizing your Crux® Reservoir

CamelBak athlete Eric Porter shows how to insulate your tube and valve to keep the water in your CamelBak from freezing in harsh winter conditions. Using the Quicklink™ system, simply replace the hose and install the Crux Thermal Control kit, with insulated tube and Freeze-Proof Valve. Plus, more hacks and tips to keep the water in your hydration pack flowing on frozen adventures. 

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CamelHak Features of the Crux® Reservoir

Eric shares top features of one our most popular hydration bladders, the Crux Reservoir, including a huge opening for ice and easy cleaning, and our special Quicklink™ System to keep your reservoir from leaking. Plus, Eric's customizable hydration tube hack for adjusting where the bite valve sits on your shoulder. 

CamelHaks for Cleaning the Crux® Reservoir

Eric reveals easy ways to clean your Crux Reservoir and drinking tube, using our all-in-one tool kit with brush, cleaning tabs and hanger clip. Plus one bonus tip for cleaning your reservoir that's so cool, it's ice cold.

CamelHak Features of the Podium® Bike Bottles

Eric touts our Podium cycling bottle’s lightweight, high-flow, leak-free performance. This popular sports bottle includes a variety of features to fit your cycling lifestyle.

CamelHak: Protect Your Pack with the Rain Cover Pack Accessory

Cycle through the elements with Eric Porter: When it looks like rain, learn how to instantly waterproof your CamelBak pack with our super easy-to-use rain cover. Your pack stays dry and you can keep on riding.

CamelHaks for Choosing the Right Bike Pack

Eric points out key attributes that make our bike packs perfect for any distance. Dig his hacks for choosing the right cycling pack for short rides, long rides, cross-country races, and backcountry adventures.

CamelHaks for What to Pack for a Mountain Bike Ride

Packing hacks with Eric: always pack to match the size of your ride. From first aid to bike repair, learn what to bring along for any mountain biking adventure.

CamelHak How to Hydrate Properly on a Mountain Bike Ride

Safety comes first for any outdoor adventure and hydration is the key to a strong finish. For best results, Eric calls on our CamelBak hydration calculator to figure out how much water to bring on your your bike ride.

CamelHaks for Cleaning your Hydration Pack

A clean backpack is crucial to keeping your essentials protected on a long outing. Eric drops some immaculate hacks for getting your backpack clean and ready for action. Pro tip: don't put your dirty pack in the washer. Eric shows you what to do instead.

CamelHak Tip for Keeping Your Hydration Reservoir Cold

Keep the water in your CamelBak bladder cold, even on the hottest days. Ice is nice, but Eric’s plan-ahead hydration hack for keeping liquid cold on a long, hot ride is bonafide.