Mountain biker riding down a steep cliff.

Ride Along with Rémy Métailler

Rémy Métailler Rips Around Whistler's Janky Trails

Ride along with our Athlete Rémy Métailler and see what it goes into his content creation and epic adventures.

“This year marks my seventh year working with CamelBak. We started working together in 2014 and they have been a huge part of my career because CamelBak was one of the first companies that actually supported me with video budget. That’s basically how I’ve been making a living for the last seven years, so to me that was really key.”

Rémy is a Chase Vest user through and through. "I have been using a Chase Vest for about four years now. Always stays on my back and never bothers me."

Head over to Rémy's Instagram to learn more @remymetailler

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