Cliford Mervil.
Cliford Mervil
Adventure Photographer

It doesn’t matter if it’s an icy tundra, a muddy stretch of trail, or a sun-scorched desert. Whether it’s 5,000 feet above sea level or a lowland river, Cliford Mervil is there. And so is his camera. 

Mervil is a Haitian-born commercial photographer and filmmaker. Since arriving in the U.S. in 2010, he’s made a name for himself in the realm of adventure photography, shooting for everyone from Eddie Bauer, Teva, and BioLite to NatGeo Adventure—as well as for us at CamelBak. He recently shot Outside Magazine’s first cover featuring a Black couple, Ron Griswell and Linea Johnson.

He’s also a climber, mountain biker, and all-around good time seeker. When not behind the lens, Mervil finds no better joy than catching an epic sunset or hanging by the campfire, sharing a laugh with friends. 

In fact, it was his love for the outdoors that led to his (now thriving) photography career. Largely self-taught, Mervil knew he wanted to combine his passions and somehow make a living from it. 

As a photographer, Mervil brings a strong editorial vision and undeniable energy to his images. He offers a fresh perspective to nature compositions and aims to tell a story—which is perhaps why so many brands love to work with him! 

Mervil officially resides in Western NC, though he sometimes prefers to live out of his sprinter van for months at a time. Whether it’s camping with friends, his dog, or with his niece and nephews, our incredible CamelBak ambassador is always in search of the next adventure. 

Getting paid to chase new horizons and do what you love…what more could anyone ask for? Explore more of Cliford’s thirst for adventure here.

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