How can I check to make sure my hydration system works properly each season?


Nobody wants to get stuck in the backcountry with a leaky reservoir. Before you hit the trails, here’s how to make sure everything is in good shape:

  • Pull the reservoir out of your pack and give it a quick visual inspection.
  • Run some clean water through the reservoir and tube to rinse away any old tastes and odors. If your reservoir still looks or smells funky, give it a more thorough cleaning (you can find instructions here).
  • Give the drinking tube a firm tug on either end to make sure it doesn’t come loose. If the tube comes off too easily, it might be stretched out—in that case, you can trim an inch off the end and then press the part back into the tube.
  • Check the seal on the cap by filling the reservoir with water, screwing the cap on tightly, and rotating/squishing the reservoir to make sure nothing leaks.
  • If your cap is leaking, take a look at the O-ring (the black rubber ring on the inside of the cap lid) to make sure it isn’t twisted or broken.

If your bite valve, drinking tube or Quick Link adapter isn’t working, you can buy a replacement part on our Reservoir Accessories page. For a broken cap or damaged O-ring, you’ll need to contact our Warranty Department for a replacement.

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