Eric Porter rides bike on cliff road with trees and hills in distance.

Eric Porter

About Eric

Favorite Color: Black/Grey, Chili Pepper Red, Ibiza Blue

Favorite Food: Wild Salmon

Favorite Vacation Spot: Alaska, New Zealand, Hawaii

Favorite Hype Song: Metallica - Sanitarium

Favorite Movie: Dumb and Dumber

Most epic CamelBak Moment: Backpacking in one of the most remote parts of the Himalaya Mountains in India, we got an unexpected 2+ feet of snow we were self-supported for over a week, and made it out alive and well. Unforgettable experience drawing on all of my training and survival instincts to stay safe and have a great time. Using a CamelBak pack and bottles to stay hydrated and carry all my gear was crucial.

Strangest or most fun part of your pre-race ritual: I usually end up staying up all night before trips meticulously preparing, packing, and cutting down my kit to the minimum, making sure I'm over prepared for the journey. Also, my training gets pretty silly sometimes, because I try to do things much harder than the actual adventure trips, like climbing the biggest steepest hill I can find repeatedly, or planning ambitious day trips on the "wrong" bike to make it harder.

Personal and Professional Goals for 2020: I will continue to push myself on adventure trips, as well as tie my trips into a bigger message of protecting public lands and the environment. I want to continue telling stories that inspire people to get into mountain biking, and help inspire current riders to push themselves and their riding, as well as get more people into trail advocacy. On a personal level I will continue as President of Wasatch Trails Foundation in Utah, getting more trails and access for riders in the area, and protecting public lands. I am also doing my best to raise my two boys (7 and 10) to be good kids and explore the world on bikes.