Close up view of bike tire kicking up dust.

Iago Garay

About Iago

Favorite Color: Black for clothes, and something really bright like Electric Blue for bike stuff

Favorite Food: Burrito

Favorite Vacation Spot: Anywhere with friends and adventure involved

Favorite Hype Song: Sussudio - Phil Collins

Favorite Movie: Ali G In Da House

Most epic CamelBak Moment: Riding to Nydia bay in New Zealand's south island with all I needed for the day and the night in my Chase Protector Vest. living simple for two days with a bike and friends in a paradise location with no phone service and only good conversations and epic trails to entertain yourself.

Strangest or most fun part of your pre-race ritual: Watching Krunk Shox stress about us having everything ready for the start on time, so we don't miss our start time like Colby did in Canada or France.

Personal and Professional Goals for 2020: I want to finish in top 15 in the EWS overall, and be Enduro National Champ. Break into the top 10 in at least one EWS