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Little Bellas Group photo, row of kids with bikes, arms raised.


Mentoring on Mountain Bikes

CamelBak is a proud sponsor of Little Bellas.

Little Bellas brings together girls ages 7 to 16 with female mentors in programs that use mountain biking as a vehicle to teach the importance of teamwork, goal-setting, and fostering a healthy lifestyle. In weekly summer sessions or multi-day camps, mentors and girls ride together at local trail networks, focusing on improving skills as well as participating in team-building activities. The program is organized around a curriculum that builds upon previous skills, and girls are broken up into groups based on age and ability. After the group ride, the groups participate in games that incorporate that day's skill focus. Each session or camp includes the ever important snack.

Below, CamelBak brings the important, positive impact of Little Bellas mentors to life. Witness the sheer joy and excitement of a child's first solo ride and how riding bikes can make for an incredible family experience.  

View from above of grassy field with children playing and setting up bikes.

It's Just Like Riding a Bike


For more information on Little Bellas programs, or to become a mentor, please visit the Little Bellas website.