Kait Vanhoff
Outdoor Traveler & Content Creator

It all started when she decided to quit her day job. Kait VanHoff never expected to add “social media influencer” to her resume, or that posting photos to Instagram would become her full-time job. She just wanted to share her love for wellness, travel, and adventure. But as it turns out, she had a message to share with the world, and the world received it with open arms. 

On TikTok, Instagram, and more, VanHoff shares her outdoor adventures from across the U.S. to destinations like Morocco, Nepal, New Zealand and back again. All with the same overarching theme—chase every adventure, and make every moment count. 

Stemming from her passion for physical and mental health, VanHoff founded a destination wellness + yoga retreat company, Revitalize Retreat. Along with physical movement, the retreats emphasize self-love and mindfulness, giving people the space to show up as they are. And empowering them to learn, grow and experience new places by traveling and meeting new people.

This tenacious woman is all about leaning into growth, pushing her limits, and seeing what she’s capable of. In addition to offering online workouts and coaching, she created a unique virtual 4 week mountain bike training series to help people take their riding to the next level. 

We’re thrilled to have the Utah-based creative as one of our incredible CamelBak Ambassadors. Whether she’s leading a retreat, mountain biking, snowboarding,hiking, creating content, or traveling, VanHoff embodies values we can get behind—living with intention and respect, caring for nature, and connecting with oneself, others, and the earth.

No matter the season, you can always find VanHoff outside. Outdoor adventure, self-improvement, creativity, and connection keep Kait stoked on life every day, and she is really excited to be able to share her journey with all of you.

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