People on a beach sipping from water bottles.


Our mission is simple—reduce the use of single-use plastic by creating reusable water bottles you can count on.

Making Reusable Second Nature

So many of us thrive in outdoor spaces; it’s only natural to want to preserve them. The good news is, doing your part can be as small as taking your natural need to hydrate and giving yourself a reliable means to do so. When the bottle fits your lifestyle, reusing it becomes second nature. More hydration for you. Less waste for the planet.

Did you know?*

Plastic bottles washed up on a beach.

40% of plastic products are garbage after less than a month.

Reusable water bottle being refilled.

There is an average of 325 plastic particles in every liter of plastic bottled water sold.

Reusable water bottle with ice in background.

In the last decade, the amount of plastic litter in the deep sea of the Arctic Ocean has risen twenty-fold.

Fish near a coral reef with plastic litter.

Fishes that live between 200-1000 meters deep in the North Pacific eat an estimate if 12,000-24,000 tons of plastics per year.

Plastic single-use bottles.

Seabirds consume an estimate of 100 tonnes of plastic a year.

Turtle with plastic bag around its neck.

Worldwide, at least 2,249 different marine organisms interact with plastic trash in some way.

Plastic waste in landfill.

In the USA, as little as one-tenth of the plastic waste generated gets recycled, most goes into landfills.