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To continuously reinvent outdoor hydration and carry solutions that empower an active lifestyle.


Accompany every adventure. Join in every journey.


We are inventors

We pioneered hands-free hydration and introduced the first BPA-free bottles to the world. We crave challenge and answer with innovation.

Better is not enough

We're inspired by the ever-changing needs of the diverse outdoor community and are driven to be the first to meet them. We get excited about solving problems and taking on seemingly impossible challenges.

Remember the why

We are obsessive about what we make, how it's made and for whom we make it. We care about the way our products impact people and the environment. We understand our consumer, and our designs are deeply connected to market insights.

We are inspired

Our consumer, our customer and our colleagues are fuel to the fire. We do what we do because of them.

Image of man refilling a reusable stainless steel water bottle.

Refills not landfills.

We envision a future without single-use plastic water bottles. It’s a big goal but the good news is we already have the solution and it’s literally in the palm of our hands. Our reusable water bottles are easy to use, easy to clean, easy to carry, and forever taste-free. Join us in tackling this mammoth world problem, one plastic bottle at a time.
2 hikers wearing Rim Runner packs hiking through a river valley in the mountains

Giving Bak inspires us.

We support this great big playground we call the outdoors and our Give Bak mission is all about being a force for positive change. We partner with likeminded individuals, groups, and programs that protect and enhance the places where we recreate. From coast-to-coast trail access to helping more of our youth participate in outdoor exploration - adventure is for everyone.
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Make an impact. Never leave one.

We are dedicated to what we make, how we make it, and for whom we make it. Ultimately, our goal is to achieve the best, most reliable products in a way that impacts the environment the least. The most sustainable products last a long time and reduce the draw on new resources.
Three hikers with hydration packs walking through a field of flowers.

Our supply chain is clear.

Transparency is key when it comes to our supply chain—where it starts, where it ends, and what happens along the way. The products we build come from supply chains around the globe, but we also build products in our wholly-owned ISO-certified factory, as well as with time-tested supply and manufacturing partners.