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No action is too small to have a positive impact on the world.


We believe that doing the right thing isn't just good business sense, but common sense. We pay close attention not only to what we make - but how we make it, for whom we make it and the way it impacts people's lives and the environment.

Sustainability starts with good intentions

Sustainability is in our DNA, and we're more committed than ever. Our Pledge: By 2025, all CamelBak products will be designed to reduce our climate impact and continue to be made with the safest materials.

REPURPOSE is CamelBak's sustainability label and represents thoughtful designs and creative solutions for a more sustainable life. We're committed to choices that make a difference.


Our commitment to craft long-lasting and sustainable product is ongoing. We will continually improve the design and make of our products by utilizing sustainable materials and smart manufacturing processes wherever possible.


We work with innovative partners and factories that share in our commitment to manufacture sustainable products. The goal is not to make more, but to do more - with less. CamelBak's Supplier Social Responsibility Code sets the expectations for our suppliers regarding treatment of workers, environmental stewardship, and ethical conduct. See our Supplier Social Responsibility Code.


The responsibility of sustainability lies with all of us—makers and consumers. Whether the products that we create or the forward-thinking community we collaborate with, CamelBak is committed to driving positive environmental change. We consider it our responsibility to choose materials and processes that reduce the climate impact of our products, are safer for people along the supply chain, and are gentler on the environment.

Chemical Management

CamelBak's Restricted Substances List (RSL) specifies the chemical restrictions applicable to substances and materials used in manufacturing CamelBak materials, components, products and packaging. Our RSL is based on the bluesign® technologies AG chemicals management system, current legal restrictions in major markets, and additional requirements voluntarily adopted by CamelBak that prioritize the safety and quality of all our products. See Restricted Substances List.