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The Loam Ranger
Mountain Biking and Creative

Ryan and Beth are content creators based out of Canmore in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Canada. Ryan started The Loam Ranger YouTube Channel in 2017 with a vision to create accessible mountain bike videos with the quality and care of a professional film production. It didn’t take long for Beth to catch the mountain biking bug and soon the two of them were able to trade out a 10 year career in photography for life as mountain bike videographers. Their videos provide multiple perspectives while traveling and on the trail not just from the two of them but occasionally from their sons, Casey and Tom, as well. 


Ryan is passionate about creating content at the highest level of quality possible. He first began mountain biking as a young teenager and hasn’t stopped! You can often find Ryan with a coffee and a notebook in hand dreaming about how to make his next adventurous idea a reality. 


Beth loves all things active! Being in nature and spending time mountain biking, skiing or swimming are where you’ll find her at her happiest. She is passionate about giving women a voice within mountain biking culture and hopes to make a difference with her part in the Loam Ranger. 


Together Ryan and Beth create videos that share their love for biking and travel, all while pushing each other to try new challenges (and sometimes scary trail features)! You can find them on YouTube and Instagram sharing their stories under The Loam Ranger.