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The Loam Ranger
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Travel the world, ride the best MTB trails, and create rad mountain bike videos along the way. That’s the mission behind full-time content creators Beth and Ryan Kelly (aka The Loam Ranger). 

The Canadian couple is based out of Canmore in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Alberta—in close proximity to legendary mountain biking destinations like Whistler and Squamish. With plenty of head cam action, Ryan and Beth create mountain bike adventure videos highlighting the latest trails, parks, and events. Plus reviews and how-to's to help other MTB enthusiasts find the best gear for the ride. 

The Loam Ranger is perhaps best known for their YouTube channel. But their content empire reaches far and wide—you can find them on Instagram, Facebook, and on Patreon, where they share unbiased product reviews and let community members score products through competitions.  

The “why” behind The Loam Ranger is fueled by a love for creativity, the outdoors, and inspiring others who share their passion for the sport.They also happen to have a pro photography background, which helps for capturing great footage.

As CamelBak Ambassadors, Beth and Ryan hope to continue to share their love for biking and travel, all while pushing each other to try new challenges—which sometimes means taking on gnarly trail features. They’ve even gotten their kids involved! Averaging 1M views per month on YouTube, they share a vision to create accessible mountain bike videos and are passionate about giving women a voice within mountain biking culture. 

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