Women on mountain bike wearing a helmet, protective eye glasses and a CamelBak pack.

Choosing the Best Mountain Biking Pack

Find the Best Mountain Biking Hydration Pack for Every Ride

Enjoy the very best in on-the-go hydration with CamelBak’s hydration packs for mountain biking. Whether you are looking for packs that feature a singular reservoir for water or you need additional storage options for tools, food and outdoor accessories, finding the best hydration gear for mountain biking is key to fueling all your riding adventures. 

Arming yourself with the right tools is crucial for creating an enjoyable ride and finding the right hydration backpack will help you get the most out of all your outdoor excursions. From size and water capacity to organized tool storage, adjustable sternum straps, zippered pockets and a tailored and secure fit, CamelBak makes choosing the best mountain bike backpack easier than ever. 

If you are asking yourself, why do I need a hydration pack for mountain biking? The answer is simple, because keeping yourself hydrated throughout the day is a key component to clarity and optimal health – on or off your bike. Water keeps you fueled and working at peak performance, while helping you stay focused on the road ahead. 

Enjoy what you love to do - longer, with hydration packs in styles ideal for beginners and advanced mountain bikers, too. Explore hydration packs featuring a range of water capacities, all designed with your specific needs in mind - including your typical ride length and current riding activity/skill level. 

Adventure On | Recommended Mountain Biking Packs

Create the ultimate mountain biking packing list with options including hip hydration packs, biking vests, hydration belts and bottles. Explore various options and styles to find the best hydration companion for every ride. From size and storage capacity, to ride skill level and budget-friendly options, find something for everyone.  

Looking for specific hydration ideas to kick off your next ride? For smaller, short rides, our Podium® Water Bottle is designed to snap into the bottle frame on your bike for easy access, making it the perfect pick. If you like the idea of our Podium® Water Bottle but need additional storage space, our Podium® Hydration Belt is the ideal small hydration pack, offering clever storage features without ever weighing you down.

When shopping for hydration packs for long rides or cross-country racing, you’ll enjoy the secure fit of our lightweight Chase™ Vest which offers front storage, a large water reservoir with convenient hands-free drinking tube and back pockets, ideal for storing all your must-have riding essentials.

Searching for the ultimate workhorse of hydration packs? The H.A.W.G Pro fits the bill. Designed for long day rides, the H.A.W.G Pro delivers with its 100 oz reservoir, 20 oz of storage and maximum carrying capacity offering room for everything. 

Learn more and get an even better view of just a few of our recommended hydration packs for mountain biking with Eric Porter’s CamelHak video. Watch and enjoy as Eric walks you through how to select the hydration pack that’s right for you.

How to Choose the Best Mountain Biking Pack for Every Type of Ride 

When shopping for hydration packs, these are key questions to ask yourself in order to find the mountain biking pack for you: 

  1. Ride Length / Activity Level: From short and medium rides to all day excursions and extensive cross-country racing, your ride length and level of difficulty will impact what kind of water capacity and pack style design you’ll need. 
  2. Storage Options: Are you looking solely for hydration - only packs or do you need additional storage features? If so, are your storage needs minimal or are you looking for maximum capacity?

Mountain Biking Pack Features 

What are the key features to look for when trying to find the best pack for you? 

  • Water Capacity: How much water will you need? Shop traditional water bottle designs, maximum capacity hydration options and everything in between. 
  • Carrying Capacity: Explore smaller hydration belt designs, perfect for storing small items like bike tools and snacks or larger capacity storage options for clothing, jackets, blankets and more.
  • Fit: Being comfortable is one of the most important factors to consider when selecting a hydration pack for mountain biking. Select your pack based on how it sits on your back or waist, the breathability it offers and ease of movement it allows. We’ve even got hydration packs tailored just for a women’s silhouette.  
  • Additional Features: Other important features to look for in a hydration pack include adjustable straps, zippered pockets for organization and pack weight.

Discover the best mountain packs for the money, with designs that offer all the breathability you want, along with the customized comfort you need. Shop CamelBak’s extensive selection of bike packs today - and get ready to experience mountain biking in a whole new way! 

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