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Athletes Pick Their Favorite CamelBak Products

The Pros' Picks – Holiday Gift Guide

From pro cyclists to top track and field athletes, peak performers share the products they can’t live without. Read on and discover great gift ideas for every occasion. 


ALISON TETRICK, Professional Gravel Racer

  • My favorite CamelBak product is my Women’s Chase Bike Vest. If I am going to be specific, it is in the mineral / black palms pattern. I wear my Chase vest for gravel events, adventure rides, and now even MTB! It fits like a charm and allows me to carry extra water when I am adventuring into the unknown with plenty of room to stash extra tools, snacks, and necessities. The Chase bike vest is designed specifically for easy access to the rear pockets in your jersey without being cumbersome. It is pretty much my favorite accessory. I have been known to take it to a party or two, you never know when you need to have all your important stuff with you – while staying hydrated!  

YURI HAUSWALD, Professional Gravel Racer

  • I’m VERY biased about my favorite CamelBak product because I helped bring it to life, but it goes without saying that my FAVORITE CamelBak product is the Chase Bike Vest! You can see that I used it BWR…… I love the storage options and the ability to carry enough water to strategically use the aid stations at events.

ERIC PORTER, Mountain Bike Adventurer

  • My favorite CamelBak product is definitely the H.A.W.G. Pro, it’s perfect for all of my big backcountry adventures! 

ISABEAU COURDURIER, Professional Enduro Racer

  • The Women's Chase Bike Vest is my favorite pack to ride with because it fits perfectly and never moves while riding. My favorite lifestyle product is the MultiBev Insulated Bottle; I always carry it during winter for a post ride cup of tea.

CHLOE GALLEAN, Professional Enduro Racer

Nukeproof-Sram Factory Racing


  • Beth - the Chase Bike Vest is a favorite CamelBak product. I find the water capacity perfect for my regular ride and I add a bottle of electrolytes onto my bike for a longer ride. I also love the stretchy front pocket for easy jacket storage. As someone with on-going shoulder and lower back issues, I love how it distributes the weight and hugs you so that you don’t notice you’re wearing a pack at all. It is by far the most comfortable pack I’ve ever worn! 
  • Ryan - my pick would be the Podium Flow Belt. I tend to ride with a pretty minimalist setup when I can, so the Podium flow belt is the perfect match for my everyday rides. The belt is perfect for carrying my phone, plug kit, a snack and because I live in the Rockies… bear spray! 

IAGO GARAY, Professional Enduro Racer

  • I love my Chute Mag Insulated Bottle. It is a product that I use every single day. It helps me stay hydrated and healthy, while ditching disposable plastic from single use bottles or cups. Traveling through the Alps, there are always freshwater fountains where you can fill it up, and honestly, I doubt you can find better water than that!

RAE MORRISON, Professional Enduro Racer

SAGE CANADAY, Professional Mountain & Trail Ultra Runner

  • It's hard to name just one! I've really enjoyed the Octane 18 Pack for those longer mountain adventures. It has a great fit for trail running and hiking - as well as climbing these kinds of mountains with long approaches. I can fit in a lot of extra warm clothes, a first aid kit, and stuff like my camera gear (I often have a Insta 360 on a camera stick, a GoPro and a Sony handheld camera).
  • The Octane 18 Pack also has great pockets and access for hydration and food nutrition (which I often need quite a bit of during a full day of adventuring!). It is light and compact enough that I can still move fast while running on the mountain trails.

AISHA PRAUGHT, Professional Track & Field Athlete

My pick would be the MultiBev Insulated Bottle - perfect for reducing waste when traveling! 

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