4 Tips for Staying Hydrated while Skiing, Snowboarding and more!

4 Tips for Staying Hydrated while Skiing, Snowboarding and more!

We recently spoke with CamelBak Athlete Sage Canaday about staying hydrated while he SkiMo trains in Boulder, CO on the snowy mountains! Below are his tips for hydration at elevation and how to winterize your CamelBak hydration pack.

Tips for Staying Hydrated While Having Fun During Winter Sports 

Let’s face it, as soon as the cold weather comes and you hit the slopes to ski or snowboard, your focus is on maximizing your fun! Curving turns in epic powder, flying down the mountains, and hanging out with friends are main highlights of participating in winter sports…as they should be! 

Or maybe you’re into a different winter sport like fat-tire biking on snowy trails? In any case, the change of seasons brings many different athletic activities that are best enjoyed in much cooler environments compared to the heat of summer. However, just because you’re exercising on snow and ice in near freezing temperatures doesn’t mean that you should forget to frequently rehydrate!

If you want to keep performing at your best and stay healthy in general, keeping your hydration levels in balance is essential during those cold days on the mountains. All too often, we are so busy with picking our line (or in my case trying not to fall!) and having a blast, that we sometimes might forget to drink. The purpose of this blog post is to remind you to do so! Read on for tips on how to stay hydrated during cold-weather exercise.

Find Your Ideal Hydration Level

So how much water should you drink during winter sport activities exactly? Well, that depends on a lot of variables like clothing choice and whether it’s sunny or cloudy out. Altitude and the intensity of UV rays are other factors that may “dry you out.” Everyone is a bit different when it comes to hydration and water intake, but for a general reference point on how much fluid you might have to drink check out CamelBak’s Hydration Calculator.

The calculator considers variables like your activity type, the outside temperature, your body measurements, your current level of hydration, and how hard you are exercising etc.

Have Your Water and Gear Easily Accessible

News flash: you’re not going to drink as much water if it’s not conveniently accessible. Keeping water with you during winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing will ensure you can drink water consistently throughout the day.

It is a good idea to fill and refill something like a 1.5-3L Crux Reservoir (as provided in CamelBak’s Snoblast Hydration Pack). With these convenient hydration packs, your water goes where you go. Of course, another advantage to wearing these packs is that you have plenty of storage capacity for extra food, snacks and clothing or gear!

Don’t Forget Electrolytes

Another important factor with hydration is maintaining a healthy balance of electrolytes (i.e. sodium, calcium and potassium). Keep that in mind when you’re packing for a day of cold-weather adventuring, as you might want to mix in some salty/savory food snacks or electrolyte drink mixes in addition to drinking plain water. 

Pre-Game Your Hydration

A final consideration would also be if you traveled a significant distance to get to the slopes and have gained a lot of altitude. Often, when we are in a car we forget to drink or avoid drinking lots of water, so we don’t have to stop so much. And plane air is extremely dry, which can cause you to dehydrate faster. Fortunately, you can fight this by pre-gaming your hydration…so drink up on the way to your adventures also!

In closing, the winter sports season can be so much fun that we forget to rehydrate sometimes out on the slopes. However, if you keep taking frequent sips of fluid multiple times each hour to stay hydrated, you can help ensure that the stoke level stays high and you are maximizing your fun!

Winter Hydration Pro Tip: Winterize your current CamelBak hike or bike hydration backpack with our Stoaway Insulated Reservoir. This reservoir with Thermal Control insulation turns any pack into an all-season hydration system. So you don’t have to worry about your water freezing on you in the winter! 

See you on the mountains.

-Sage Canaday

Do you know how to spot dehydration? Learn common signs you might need to drink more water, plus benefits of staying hydrated with our Daily Hydration and Wellness Tips!  

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