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We share answers to the most common questions about ChillBak coolers, including packing tips and functionality.
How do I best pack a ChillBak™ Pack 30?

When packing up the ChillBak™, we recommend using loose ice for the best results. Layer about one-third of the ice at the bottom of the cooler and then continue to add your items along with ice, keeping them evenly distributed. Lastly, add a layer of ice over top of the goods and seal up the cooler.

How do I utilize the trap door to store additional items?

The trap door in the ChillBak™ Pack 30 offers efficient insulation and acts as a built-in shelf. This allows additional contents to be stored above the cooler but still within the waterproof rolltop closure. Note that this additional storage area isn’t sealed off from contents in the cooler, it just acts as a great place to keep extra items. 

How do I take care of my ChillBak™ Pack 30 cooler?

After using the ChillBak™, give it a quick rinse with water or wipe down with a rag, paper towel, or antibacterial wipe. If your cooler is really dirty, use warm soapy water to wash it out. Make sure the outside and inside are fully dry before storing the cooler.

Is my ChillBak™ Pack 30 waterproof? Leak-proof?

The cooler is mostly waterproof, meaning it’s both fine to get a little wet and it won’t leak from the inside out. So, don’t worry if you’re leaving it somewhere for a long while! However, do note that the back-panel and reservoir compartment are not waterproof. In the event that the cooler does become submerged, be sure to properly clean and dry the reservoir compartment.

Will my ChillBak™ Pack 30 float?

Yes, the ChillBak™ will float, although, we don’t recommend submerging the cooler. In the unfortunate event the ChillBak™ falls in a body of water, however, it will be fine.

How can I get the best results from the exterior spigot?

To achieve the best results from the spigot and reservoir, place the cooler on a lifted surface, such as a bench or tailgate, and hold the spigot and vessel (bottle, everyday drinkware, etc.) below the bottom of the cooler. Make sure the hose isn’t kinked. And go!

How do I care for the Fusion 6L reservoir?

We suggest washing and drying your Fusion 6L reservoir after each use. To do this, we recommend using our Reservoir Cleaning Kit. This kit comes with cleaning tabs, a bladder brush, tube brush, and reservoir drying hook. Once clean and completely dry, the Fusion Reservoirs should be stored with the zipper in the closed position. Failure to store with the zipper closed can result in leaking.

  • PRO TIP : Shove a paper towel in the reservoir before zipping up to absorb any excess moisture that may be left in the reservoir. 
  • PRO TIP: Store your empty reservoir in the freezer as an extra layer of protection from the chance of bacteria build up. 

For more information about the Fusion reservoir, please see the Fusion FAQ page.

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