How much does the All Clear UV cap weigh?


The All Clear cap weighs approximately 7 oz. and during extensive field testing both the size and weight of the All Clear has been found to work well for packing and carrying. The All Clear weight is moderately heavier than some competitive products for a couple of reasons:

  • Battery power / charge density: The All Clear features two rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries that deliver 80+ cycles per full charge. From a user perspective that’s 3 bottles per day for 26 days. One of the things that we heard loud and clear in consumer feedback was that user didn’t want devices that required too frequent battery replacements or recharging.
  • Cap functionality: The other driver of added weight is that the fact that the All Clear is a full cap solution that enhances both ease of use and functionality as a stand-alone cap. Features like the threads and handle add weight.

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