Can the All Clear bulb or battery be replaced? What's the warranty policy?


Neither the All Clear bulb nor the battery is user serviceable. They are permanently installed and cannot be replaced. They are both engineered to last 10,000 cycles and are backed by our CamelBak Got Your Bak™ Lifetime Guarantee.

The CamelBak® All Clear™ UV Microbiological Water Purifier is warranted to conform to its published specifications and be free from manufacturing defects for the lifetime of the product which is defined as 10,000 cycles. In no event shall CamelBak be liable or in any way responsible for any damages or defects in the All Clear product caused by repairs or attempted repairs performed by anyone other than a CamelBak authorized service technician.

This warranty applies only to defects arising out of and affecting operation and does not apply to any damage that is merely cosmetic. CamelBak does not warrant any All Clear product that has been damaged by or subjected to misuse, abnormal handling, abnormal impact, improper disassembly or any type of modification.

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