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Frequently Asked Questions

Temperature Retention Capabilities 

Keep your liquid at the desired temperature in CamelBak’s high-performance bottles and drinkware.
How do you measure each drinkware or bottle’s ability to keep liquid cold or hot?

CamelBak determines each drinkware or bottle’s ability to keep liquid cold or hot by using a standardized test method under controlled conditions to ensure consistent results.  We do not publish the exact values from this testing. Instead, we provide summary “hours hot” and “hours cold” numbers that enable you to compare one CamelBak product to another when making a purchase. 

How do I interpret the “Hot” and “Cold” ratings on a product’s package?

If a product is labeled with “10 hours cold”, this means refrigerated water without ice stored in the product will still be cool approximately 10 hours later. 

If a product is labeled “6 hours hot”, this means that freshly brewed coffee or tea stored in the product will still be warm approximately 6 hours later. 

For Podium bottles we do not provide hours cold.  Rather we provide a multiplier, for instance 2X, to compare insulated versus uninsulated Podium bottles.  

Can my drinkware or bottle safely hold boiling water?

If filling one of our vacuum stainless-steel vessels with freshly brewed coffee or tea, allow liquid to cool with the cap off until cool enough to drink. Repeatedly enclosing near boiling water may result in product damage. Our plastic bottles are not intended for hot liquids.

Is it safe to store this product in the freezer?

Our plastic Chute®, Eddy® and Podium® bottles are safe to freeze – be sure not to fill to the top to prevent damage from frozen expansion.  Our Vacuum Stainless Steel Products are not intended for freezing.

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