Mikah Meyer
Mikah Meyer
World Record Traveler, Speaker & LGBTQ+ Advocate

Ever fantasized about quitting your job and camping/hiking/biking your way across the nation? That’s exactly what Mikah Meyer did from 2016 – 2019. After losing his father to cancer at a young age, Mikah hit the road in hopes of inspiring others to chase their dreams before it’s too late. He embarked on a massive road trip to visit all 400+ sites in America’s National Park System, becoming the first person to do so in a single journey. 

While setting world records and adventuring across states and countries, Mikah advocates for LGBTQ+ inclusion in the outdoors. A true trailblazer, Mikah endeavored to become the openly gay adventurer he never saw while growing up. As a CamelBak Ambassador and through his Outside Safe Space program, Mikah gives adventurers a tool to show their allyship and battle homophobia in the outdoors. 

He’s run across Minnesota and Mississippi. He’s biked across Oregon. And he has plans for more “Across” projects, all in support of making the outdoors more accessible to all people.

Mikah has been featured by NPR, The Guardian, The Today Show, BBC News, Outside Magazine, and other global media outlets. He’s also an inspirational speaker, singer, professional trip planner, consultant, and social media influencer. In 2019, he made history yet again as the first openly gay man featured in an outdoor recreation campaign with REI.

​With every new project he takes on, Mikah’s goal is the same—to encourage others to follow their dreams NOW. To be comfortable with and embrace their own individuality. And to use those unique traits and skills to change the world. Right on! 


Psst, Mikah gave us the inside scoop on America’s most overlooked, yet totally amazing national parks

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