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This page contains information about our previous generation water purifier bottle, All Clear™. For FAQs about CamelBak filtered by Lifestraw® products, visit the Filtration FAQs page.
Filtration FAQs Page
How much does the All Clear UV cap weigh?

The All Clear cap weighs approximately 7 oz. and during extensive field testing both the size and weight of the All Clear has been found to work well for packing and carrying. The All Clear weight is moderately heavier than some competitive products for a couple of reasons:

  • Battery power / charge density: The All Clear features two rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries that deliver 80+ cycles per full charge. From a user perspective that’s 3 bottles per day for 26 days. One of the things that we heard loud and clear in consumer feedback was that user didn’t want devices that required too frequent battery replacements or recharging.
  • Cap functionality: The other driver of added weight is that the fact that the All Clear is a full cap solution that enhances both ease of use and functionality as a stand-alone cap. Features like the threads and handle add weight.
Why is my screen blank?

In some cases, the screen display may not activate in the first minutes of re-charging. If this is the case, allow the unit to charge for a minimum of 15 minutes. After that, the screen display should activate and show battery charging levels. The All Clear cannot be cycled to treat a bottle of water until the screen display has activated.

Can I use All Clear with boiling water?

No, we do not recommend using the All Clear on boiling water, as the high temperature could damage the unit.

What should I do if the All Clear UV bulb breaks?

Like most fluorescent lamps, the All Clear bulb contains a small amount of mercury. The All Clear is engineered with a quartz shield that physically separates the bulb from the bottle and protects the bulb from both impact and temperature. The All Clear has been extensively field tested and lab tested which is why we back it with our Got Your Bak Lifetime Guarantee. In the unlikely event that the bulb were to chip or break, immediately place the cap and any broken pieces into an enclosed container and handle as “e-waste”. Discard at a local site that is authorized for ‘electronic waste disposal’. For more information, please see detailed instructions on the EPA website.

How long does the All Clear bulb last?

The All Clear bulb is engineered to last 10,000 cycles, which is approximately the equivalent of 3 bottles a day every day for 9 years. The All Clear is programmed to automatically cease operation after that point.

What types of charging options is the All Clear compatible with?

The All Clear contains two 3.7V lithium ion batteries, each rated at 1100 mAh. The All Clear can be charged from virtually any (100 – 240V) USB compatible power source including wall chargers, car chargers, solar chargers, hand crank chargers, and electronics like laptops. Users should only use the CamelBak supplied USB cable due to variability between USB cables and their charging efficacy.

Examples of USB compatible power sources are:

  • Apple USB Power Adapter
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab SCHI800 charger
  • Scosche Dual USB Car Charger
  • Petzl Core USB Charger Kit
  • Solio Bolt Charger
  • Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Adventure Kit
  • Brunton Restore Portable Power Device
How do I clean the All Clear Pre-Filter?

You can clean the All Clear Pre-Filter by rinsing with a small amount of your treated water.

What does it mean that the All Clear can be used effectively in cold temperature water?

The All Clear cap construction separates and insulates the bulb from direct water contact, thereby minimizing the impact of colder temperature water which can impact bulb performance. The All Clear has been tested and proven effective for treating water down to 39°F (4°C). The product has been tested in conditions with the ambient air temperature down to 32°F (0°C). Battery performance may be impacted and less efficient in very cold temperature conditions. In the event that you are in sub-freezing conditions, the All Clear unit should be warmed to 32°F (0°C) prior to use.

Can I use the All Clear to treat water with ice in it?

No, you should not use the All Clear on water with ice in it because the UV light cannot pass through the air bubbles or impurities in the ice. We recommend removing the ice from the drink before treating it. You could also allow the ice to melt and then treat the water.

Has the All Clear system been tested and validated by an independent laboratory?

The All Clear unit has been thoroughly tested by a US EPA-approved independent lab to ensure that it meets or exceeds the EPA standards for microbiological water purification devices. The results of the All Clear third party testing demonstrated that the unit reduced bacteria by 99.9999%, viruses by 99.99% and protozoan cysts by 99.9%. All Clear purifies water not only to stringent EPA standards, but to CamelBak’s uncompromising standards of safety and performance.

Does All Clear neutralize Cholera and E coli?

Technically speaking, we have not specifically tested All Clear against Cholera or E coli bacteria organisms because they are not part of the EPA guidelines. However, one of the reasons R. Terrigena is the bacteria selected per the EPA guideline is because it comes from the Enterobacteriaciae family. This family of bacteria is more resistant than those of the Cholera or E coli families, so logically if you can neutralize R. Terrigena then you can effectively neutralize lesser resistant bacteria such as Cholera or E coli as well, which is why the EPA guide standard has been established.

How long does the All Clear take to recharge?

The recharge time depends on the power source. Full recharge time from drained to 100% battery capacity on a standard AC Wall Charger is less than 5 hours, whereas solar would be longer (approximately 15 - 20 hours of direct sunlight depending on the size of the panel).

Does the All Clear take care of water droplets that might be on the threads of the water bottle?

All Clear does not purify surfaces on the outside of the drinking container including the threads of a water bottle. Users should check the threads and use a clean piece of cloth to wipe off the threads of the bottle before drinking. Another way to address this issue is to use the All Clear Pre-Filter, particularly in fresh water sources like lakes or streams where water contact with the threads is more likely. The All Clear Pre-Filter conveniently snaps over the opening of the .75L bottle and is designed to keep the threads dry while submerging the bottle into your water supply. Always check the threads for water droplets before drinking.

Can I use the All Clear cap on bottles or containers other than the .75L CamelBak Tritan bottles?

You can use the All Clear cap with any .75L CamelBak Better Bottle or eddy+ regardless of color or material. The only difference between the bottle provided and other CamelBak .75L bottles is the color of the Tritan which has been optimized for the evaluation of water clarity before treatment.

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