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Best Festival Packs

Get the Party Started - Why Hydration Packs are Good for Festivals

Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, music festival fan or simple looking for the ultimate travel companion, hydration packs are a key component to keeping the momentum going. 

Enjoy more time doing what you love, without interruption, with hydration packs that offer just the right storage options and water capacity to fit your needs. 

Where do you begin when selecting the right hydration pack for a music festival? Start by assessing your specific needs. 

Hydration accessories should be on the top of every festival packing list - for shows of every size and season. When selecting the right pack style - ask yourself the following questions: Do you need ample room for storage? What kind of water capacity do you need? Will you be in a warmer climate that would require more water?

With the right festival hydration pack, you’ll spend less time waiting in line or running to water refill stations and more time enjoying your favorite bands. Save money and ditch disposable by skipping the purchase of costly water bottles while you enjoy the hands-free convenience of hydration packs tailored just for you. 

Festival Packs 

Looking for the perfect all-around hydration pack? The CamelBak M.U.L.E.® Series continues to be a festival favorite, blending ample storage and bladder size.  

The M.U.L.E. ® comes in both 50 and 100 oz capacity options, in styles tailored just for women and little ones too. The Kids' Mini M.U.L.E. 50 oz Hydration Pack, truly delivers with room for 1.5 liters of water, storage pockets, reflective strips and a safety whistle– something we know both kids and parents will appreciate! 

Whether you’re heading to Burning Man or EDC Las Vegas, the M.U.L.E.® is an optimal pick as it is the largest hydration bag you can take into events of this kind. 

For longer-haul excursions, the streamlined CamelBak Rogue features 2.5L bladder capacity and more condensed storage for smaller items like keys, sunblock, lip balm etc.  

What’s New? 

Looking for the latest and greatest hydration gear from CamelBak? Our Arete packs make the perfect festival bestie with their cool and compact design. Gear up for your next show and dance the night (or day) away, with our svelte, lightweight and breathable: 

Arete™ 14 Hydration Pack 50oz - Perfect for spur-of-the-moment adventures and designed for all-day comfort, the streamlined, lightweight and breathable Arete 14 offers just want you need - whether you’re enjoying a show or planning a short hike. 

Arete™ 18 Hydration Pack 50 oz - Designed for cool and comfortable all-day wear, this compressible pack makes the perfect party companion. 

The Arete 18 offers added cargo space, combined with its 50oz water capacity and removable reservoir option - making it the perfect mate for festival trips. 

Making A List & Checking It Twice  

Whether you are planning your next event with your festival friends or family, a little pre-party preparation can make your entire festival experience that much richer. Making a list of essential items well in advance of your event can make life easier for all! 

Depending on the length of your event, it’s always good to start with basic categories including hydration, food and cooking supplies, camping gear essentials - like tents, sleeping bags and pillows (oh, and extra blankets are a must!). 

How Much Water Do You Need?  

Prepare for every adventure with hydration tips tailored just for you. CamelBak’s Hydration Calculator offers an easy way to help you determine how much water you should drink. 

Based on factors including, age, height and weight, our hydration calculator assess the ideal amount of water you’ll need for hiking, skiing, running and biking. 

Simple factors like the duration of your workout, intensity of activity level, weather conditions and temperature are all factored in to give you the best personalized assessment possible – helping you adventure longer while maximizing every experience. 

Festival Musts - Most Important  

Whether you’re heading to the stage for an all-day festival, weekend event or a simple evening concert, always remember to check your venue’s allowed and prohibited item list to find out the maximum size and water capacity allowed to ensure a flawless festival experience. Checking the weather in advance is always helpful too. 

Make every event a cause for celebration! Get the party started and stay hydrated throughout the day and well into the night, with CamelBak hydration backpacks, slings and mini styles – all designed to help you adventure, longer!  

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